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In the borders of the department of Bouches du Rhône, Auriol is situated 25 km (15 miles) northeast of Marseille.

The old village

To discover Auriol, it is necessary to take time to stroll in the streets of the old village. The city has a varied heritage showing diverse periods of the history:

  • The ruins of the medieval castle (the year 1001),
  • The Sainte Barbe square and its fountain,
  • The Sainte Croix Chapel and its panoramic view on the village and the surroundings,
  • The clock tower (1564 ),
  • The Trésor des Barres: more than 2000 silver coins dating back to the 6th century before Christ,
  • More than 20 oratories listed on the municipality,
  • The hamlet of the Moulin de Redon,  typical of the small Provençal villages,
  • The Martin-Duby museum, arts and traditions museum : temporary exhibitions.

The Provençal market

Every Thursday and Saturday morning, Auriol suggests browsing the stalls of its Provençal market on the  Cours du 4 septembre and to find colors and perfumes of this Southern cooking in the restaurants of the municipality.

The Mill : "Moulin Margier"

Created in 1650, the Mill Margier, is a major place to Auriol. Oil collected under the AOC (protected designation) of origin obtain numerous medals in Agricultural Competition of Paris and of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. In 1998: it obtains the ECOCERT organic Olive certification.


The nature lovers will discover, through diverse hiking trails, magnificent landscapes with blue sky and all the botany of our Provençal region.

On the Sainte Baume road (CD 45A), miscellaneous beautiful hiking routes lead has either to the grotte des Infernets (Neolithic cave dating back to prehistory), or to the the Vallon des Encanaux. From Auriol, it is also possible to join the Plan d'Aups village.