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Belcodène takes its name from the Provençal "Brecouedo", due to its location on a steep plateau.

Crossed by the Verdalaï, the Favary and the Tonneau brook, the village of Belcodène is located at a height of 425m and has a surface of 1320ha. 

Surrounded with massifs covered with pine and oaks forests, the site shows a magnificent panoramic view.

The Belcodène plateau was occupied from the prehistory: numerous flints were found in the Barrel cave (grotte du Tonneau), proof of mankind presence during this period.

Belcodène, combined, in the 19th century, during its mining activity, that of the manufacturing of the cement thanks to the coal and to the limestone available on the territory. 

To see… the oppida, on Belcodène plateau.

For more informations, consult the Belcodène website.