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La Candolle Aqueduct

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The La Candolle aqueduct known as Les Arcades is composed of 16 arches, is 122 metres long and 12 metres high.

It was built at La Penne sur Huveaune in 1866 and its impoundment took place in 1873 in order to carry water from the Durance to the area’s farmland.

The water which ran through the aqueduct passed through Saint Antoine and then through the reservoir of boulevard Charles Kaddouz in Saint Barnabé/Saint Julien, through the Trois Lucs, La Treille and Aubagne. The canal water stopped flowing in 1986 due to agricultural use.

Aqueduc de la Candolle
Chemin Raymond Retord - 13713 La Penne-sur-Huveaune