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The car parks

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With a total of around 4000 parking spaces (free or fee-charging) in the town centre, here is Aubagne’s list of car parking spaces:

Car Parks

 - Free car parks

Parking des Aires Saint-Michel (101 spaces),
Parking du mail de Verdun (10 spaces).

 - Fee-charging car parks 

Surface parking with meter:

Fee-charging every day apart from Sundays and public holidays.

Parking Hôpital (150 spaces)
Parking Voltaire (90 spaces),
Parking du 14 Juillet (70 spaces),
Parking des Marronniers (50 spaces),
Parking de la Gare, avenue Lignières (186 spaces),
Parking Sicard (50 spaces).

Indoor parking
Parking 8 Mai 1945 : 120 Chemin de l’Isle des Marronniers (375 spaces),
Parking Centre Ancien : 30 avenue Elzéard Rougier (286 spaces),
Parking Beaumond : 65 rue de la République (234 spaces),
Parking du Marché : avenue Gabriel Péri (590 spaces),
Parking Potiers : Rue Des Tuiliers (74 spaces).

Height of passage: 1.90 m.
Information, rates and subscriptions on

Coach car parks

8 cours Barthélemy : in the “autocar” (coach) space in front of Marcel Pagnol’s birthplace.