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Olivia Paroldi, Estampes urbaines |Exhibition

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Exhibition " Olivia Paroldi, Estampes urbaines ", from November, 9th 2019 to April, 18th 2020, at the "Centre d'art Les Pénitents Noirs" in Aubagne.

Olivia Paroldi is a engraver illustrator, a technique she discovered during her studies at the École Supérieure des Arts et Industries graphiques Estienne in Paris.
She creates urban prints for which childhood is the main theme and her work is filled in generosity and sharing.

Three elements are the basis of her work : the street, space and time.
Through prints, even in galleries, the urban space is present.

She entered her residence on October 8th, 2019 to create in situ, new works about self construction.

"The child is the symbol of human contradiction, it represents both fragility, innocence but also pure hope, the strength to believe that everything is possible,” explains the artist, “From a graphical point of view, the younger ones have not been yet shaped by conventions, they are an infinite source of inspiration to me.”

She promised her exhibition would be experimental, evolutionary and participatory.