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La Bouilladisse and its hamlets present wonderful landscapes.

These hamlets have charming names such as « le Pigeonnier », « les Gorguettes » or « le vieux Bouilladisse » and are as well nice typical neighborhoods to visit.

At the foot of the Regagnas Range, the grotte du Janet, grotte de la Ratepenade, grotte de l’Escargot and grotte du Tonneau (caves) still bear evidence of life dating back to the Neolithic era. 

To see: the church and the Boyers hamle (1.86 miles away from the center) which is undoubtedly the most typical one. 

A little bit of history

When created, it was named La Bourine, central area where the first City Hall was built and where the church was already settled, and opened for worship at the beginning of 1783. The current church was built in 1911.

The etymology of "La Bourine"  would come from the hare : leborina meaning hare countries.

The town was named "La Bouilladisse" on May 26th, 1909, as per the name of the area, from where the the "source de la Foux" hot spring (also called Bouilladoux) exited ebullating.

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