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Village des santons en Provence

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Over 3,000 santons are staged in this large Provençal village recreating housing, traditions and habits in Provence.

Closed on December 25th and 26th, 2019
and on January 1st, 2020.

The "Village des Santons en Provence" is a combination of 19 villages in a continuous scenery.

3,000 santons -iconic symbol of Provence- are staged in villages, hills, garrigue, calanques, ...
The type or size of these clay figurines used varies according to the scenery.
They are represented in Provençal Playlets : working in the fieds or in shops, dancing, playing cards or petanque, cooking, fishing,... 
Animals, trees, flowers, objects or accessories, the very special care given to details gives authenticity to each scene.

A second room is dedicated to the Nativity representation by each santon-maker.

This large village, covering 230 m2, was created by the "Association des Céramistes et Santonniers du Pays d’Aubagne" and gathers 17 santon-maker:
Santons Colette - Colette Canfora
Santons Lise Berger - Lise Berger
L'atelier de Fanny - Gilbert et Anthony Macciocu
Santons Verre Terre - Françoise Doukhan et Robert Maurin
L'atelier de Vicken - Laurent Markoyan
Côté Santon - Catherine Grassi
Santons Maryse Di Landro - Didier Coulomb
Santons Campana et Le santon créatif - Stéphane Campana
Le Moulin à Huile - Patrice Jarque
Santons Karine Chaix - Karine Chaix
Santons Jacques Flore - Philippe Risch
Accessoires et santons BJM - Emmanuel Beltrame
Santons et Crèches Manon - Henriette Cini
Santons Saurel - Nadine Saurel-Stratta
Atelier des Santons - Daniel Coulomb
Santons Chave - Christian Chave
Santons Sylvette Amy - Sylvette Amy